Report: Kawhi Leonard Considering Lakers In Free Agency

Per the one and only Woj, Kawhi Leonard hasn’t crossed the Lakers off his free agent destination list yet:

Lowe: It seems like it’s a two-team race. Is that fair at this point?Woj: Yeah. Toronto, the Clippers, and listen, I think they’ve kept their eye on the Lakers, and what that’s going to look like. The Lakers, financially, what number are they going to get to in free agency in terms of cap space? Is Anthony Davis going to give up that $4 million trade bonus? He still has time to do that before this deal goes through.“But this has been a Raptors/Clippers race. And you gotta give the Raptors and Masai Ujiri, that organization, all the credit in the world, because when they traded for him, he had no intention of ever staying in Toronto, and now it is a serious consideration.“I think he has really given them every opportunity to sell him, and two things that have worked in Toronto: They sold him on health, they proved they could keep him healthy, and they sold him on winning. And those are priorities for Kawhi Leonard. He has shown he is all about winning.”

We’ve got a ways to go until it’s clear what Kawhi Leonard’s intentions are but this is good news for the Lakers.

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