College Admission Scandal Was So Unbelievable A 145 Pound DE From New Hampshire Was Listed As A Scholar Ship Athlete

Later that same day, Janke e-mailed two falsified athletic profiles of HODGE’s son — one relating to football, the other relating to tennis—to CW-1. The football profile included various fabricated football achievements, including “Varsity Football Sophomore – Senior Year,” “Team Captain – Senior Year,” and “NH Independent Schools All-American Selection 2013, 2014.”

A two-time All-American selection? Too hot. Shoulda just said he was a good player or something. But that pales in comparison to the base level assertion here: that a kid who grew up in New Hampshire was good enough to play football at USC.

Since 2015, the 247Sports Composite has only rated eight players from New Hampshire. Three have gone to Power 5 schools: two to Boston College and one to Syracuse. The state has never produced a blue-chip recruit.

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